martedì 30 settembre 2014


Wow, I finally finished it!
This album was started in the  late of  August, as a gift for a wedding day for one a couple whos merriage is on 4 October.  Is a very large 35 x 35 cm box,  30 pages and it is not decorated inside, (it was one of the main conditions.) In this album, I put a piece of myrself, if I may say so. Long pondered and thought what style and technique to perform, but when I saw the work of Elena Morgun decision came by it self, is not  lift, but the idea of ​​the layout and composition, I took from Lena here you can see the original. Of course to me Lena is still far, but I try and learn.

Grazie per aver passato da me! Aggiungetevi alle mie cerchie e facciammo amicizia.
Спасибо что зашли ко мне. Записывайтесь в друзья будем дружить.

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